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Shin City: Nyashinki's launchpad to the next level

Nyashinski set to make history this weekend with Shin City Experience

Shin City: Nyashinki's launchpad to the next level

After staging a great solo live virtual concert on April 8, 2020, Nyamari Ongegu 'Nyashinski' is staging another show as the main act.

After months of teasing, the Mungu Pekee hitmaker is set to open the gates to the city he has been 'building' for his fans. On Saturday April 16, 2022 the concert dubbed Shin City will be held at the Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi.

Shin City is Nyashinski's brainchild and is set to give fans a different experience where they can immerse all their senses in an incredible collaboration of music and lyrical storytelling.

Nyashinski says there will be no curtain raisers for the concert, which he has been rehearsing for the last months to ensure he delivers a great show, a commitment he believes will distinguish Shin City from other concerts.


"We have been rehearsing for months now. Some artists might come to such shows and give their rate cards, which is fine, but some might not have put the same amount of effort that we have, and there will be a disconnect," he said during a live rehearsal where some celebrities and media were invited to watch.

This was the first time a Kenyan artiste had fans attend his rehearsal to glimpse what work had been put into creating the D-day.

To ensure many more fans get access to experience Shin City, Boomplay ran a campaign that gave some of Nyashinski’s fans the chance to win free tickets by streaming the Shin City and Nyashinski’s Picks playlists which Nyashinski personally curated, consisting of Nyash's songs: Hapo Tu feat. Chris Kaiga, Properly feat. Femi One and Sifu Bwana featuring Khaligraph Jones, Donjo by Femi One, his hit single Bebi Bebi and Nameless & Wahu's Back It Up, among others.


The playlists have received much love and have garnered thousands of streams already in only a few days.

After being in the industry for more than two decades, the Shin City concert will not only be history in the making but also emotional, especially for those who grew up listening to Nyashinski.

Boomplay is the #1 music streaming platform in Africa, with over 65 million monthly active users globally and the most extensive catalogue of African music.


The platform is known to support Kenyan and African acts in general towards pushing narratives and activities that actively help propel the music ecosystem further.

Based on the records, a very high expectation has been set for Nyashinski's Shin City as the partnership aims to revolutionize the Kenyan music industry as it sets the pace for more to follow.

Nyashinski was part of the early 2000's Kenyan rap group Kleptomaniax, behind hits such as Swing Swing, Tuendelee, and Haree. The group was formed in 1999 and remained active until 2010.


Other members of Kleptomaniax are the legendary Robert Manyasa' Roba', and Collins Majale 'Collo', who would later release gospel hits Bazokizo and Zigwembe with Bruz Newton in 2016.

In 2006, at the peak of Kleptomaniax, Nyashinski took a break from music and relocated with his family to the United States of America.

Nyashinski has previously revealed that he was not actualizing his potential to the maximum in the US, and that's why he decided to make a comeback in the Kenyan music industry through a friend who convinced him to do so.



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