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US-based Kenyan star King Kanja drops new smash hit 'Because of You' [Video]

The hit was produced by Houston-based Kenyan producer Giggz who recorded Tems’ verse on 'Essence', the collaboration with Wizkid.

US-based Kenyan star King Kanja drops new hit 'Because of You'

Multi-talented US-based Kenyan musician King Kanja has released his first single for the year 2022 dubbed ‘Because of You’.

The soulful Afrobeats hit was produced by Houston-based Kenyan producer Giggz who recorded Tems’ verse for “Essence” collaboration with Wizkid.

“The new single is inspired by the feeling of being in love and wanting to do whatever it takes to show your partner how meaningfully they impact your life journey,” Kanja says.


The video to the song was shot in Miami and at the Belaire HQ in NYC and directed by Kanja’s long-term collaborator Yahu Edits, a Kenyan music director who is also based in the United States.

“The visuals are lush and I am just having a good time with my lady,” King Kanja explained.

In King Kanja’s own words, “I recorded this song in Houston, Texas with Giggz who I actually met in Los Angeles at Christian Longomba’s funeral. One day, I decided to pass by Giggz studio just to meet him and catch his vibe while on my way to a club appearance. The song was created on a whim delaying the club appearance to work on this song and the lyrics just flowed through me. I wrote everything except the second verse that my cousin, Big J in London wrote. I'm the only vocalist on the song.”

“Because of you” is one of the lead singles off King Kanja’s upcoming fifth studio project titled ‘KanJah’ currently in its final stages of production.


He credits Bobby V, his close music associate for enlightening him on the power of having other songwriters involved in your creative process.

He has teamed up with his cousin Big J to co-write all his upcoming new hits. Their chemistry and creativity is unmatched.

“As teamwork, working with like-minded people makes the dream work. There are many records on the KanJAH album, whose title shows the God in me and also as a creative. My producer / engineer, Gilly aka Real Mckoy gave my name a twist while we worked together on the VIBRATIONS Reggae album. It stuck on me and I knew then it would be the name of my next album,” Kanja divulged.

King Kanja is one of Kenya’s most popular artists living in the US. Earlier this year he met with Mr. Brett Berish–the president and CEO of Sovereign Brands.


He is constantly making major moves and performing around the globe, most recently shutting down a sold-out show in Lusaka, Zambia, alongside Bobby V and Rotimi.


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