Kibaki’s grandson unveils his hot ‘pointee’ girlfriend

Ng’ombe zinapelekwa lini?

While Mwai Kibaki Jr shied away from the glare of publicity, Sean Kibaki decided to run with his new found fame and bask in the sudden public interest their looks came with. And since then he has been one of the most sought-after political kids by many news sites due to not only his good looks but also Instagram presence and his relationship and break-up with Youtube star Elodie Zone.

Interest in Sean Kibaki was on an all-time high during his rather public break-up with the USIU student as so many regrettable words were exchanged between the two with Sean even accusing her of doing drugs.

While love has not favoured Sean in the last year, his brother Mwai Kibaki junior seems to have had better luck.

And the lucky girl is none other than Chanel Washington who has been snapped kissing him in a photo shared on Instagram.

Now fans had a meltdown recently after the young Kibaki unveiled the face of the lady he was snapped canoodling with mid-June.

The hot pair has been all lovey-dovey on Instagram and unlike most couples who write paragraphs upon paragraphs confessing their love, this couple likes to keep it simple with emojis and saucy captions like “Looking like a snack.”

Here are more photos of Miss Chanel:


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