Meet Mwai Kibaki Jnr who has excited ladies on social media

He is the cool, calm and collected guy

Sean, Kibaki Jnr and their Mother

But apart from his fame and power in the society, Kibaki also has an adorable family that keeps many admiring him.

Forget the famous Sean Andrew, Kibaki’s grandson who is always in media for various seasons not for geeting his his handsome face.

There is another grandson of Mzee, who was named after former president and he is driving ladies nuts. He goes by the Name Mwai Kibaki Jnr a brother to Sean Andrew

Mwai Kibaki Jnr is not a limelight guy and he has managed to Kibaki his life under the carpet for a very long time. Mwai Kibaki Jnr is a famous biker who likes racing and spending time with his family.

Mwai Kibaki Jnr likes to hang out with people of his caliber, as he is known to be a close friend to former Kimilili Mp’s son Mukhisa Kituyi.

Just Like his grandfather Mwai Kibaki Jnr is known to be a man of cars and good outfits.

Mwai Kibaki Jnr has been driving ladies nuts on social media due to his looks, but remember he is a married and a happy family.

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