Mwarabu Fighter’s wife speaks on allegations of husband sleeping with Harmonize’s girlfriend

She has broken her silence.

She disclosed that she learnt of the story through the radio before some of her siblings called her to inform her of the news.

“I was shocked upon hearing the story but I couldn’t ask my husband yet as he was at work so I waited for him to leave work and I asked him. This is because I’ve never heard of such a scandal since Mwarabu started working with Diamond.

To be honest I cannot prove whether my husband had the affair with Sarah (Harmonize’s girlfriend) or not but to be honest, from the bottom of my heart I trust him.” She told Global Publishers TV.

Mama Tarick then went onto dismiss the scandalous story as just a challenge in life “I trust my husband and those stories going around are just some challenges that happen in life. I trust my husband and once I cooled down he explained everything and we moved on with our lives.”


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