How Grace Msalame's father shaped Mwende Macharia's career

The Radio Maisha queen has opened up.

As you probably know Tony Msalame was a radio legend with his career spanning close to two decades. The late Msalame worked for Voice of Kenya in the early 80’s and hosted the trendy ‘Ongeza Maarifa’ show alongside Joshua Mwakale.

In his time Msalame also worked for Metro FM hosting the wildly-popular ‘Shekki Leggi’ show before opening Sheki FM in 2004 whose name was borrowed from his iconic Shekki Leggi show.

A man who taught Mwende a lot of things that she knows now when she was under his pupilage.

Mwende confessed that after hitting the tarmac for a year she decided to do something ballsy and called up Grace Msalame’s father who was the then station manager at Sheki FM and asked for a job.

“I simply told Msalame that I needed a place to start and I believed his station was it. He invited me to the station and that very afternoon dared me to join him on air. The rest is history.” She disclosed on Parents Magazine.

“He demanded strict professionalism and utmost discipline when it came to work. He taught me how to count music beats so as to know how to sway they audience’s moods. He even taught me soft skills like smiling into the microphone, saying that despite the fact audiences couldn’t see me, they could still deduce my mood through the microphone.”

However her journey at Sheki FM came to an abrupt halt after Msalame axed her after he discovered that she was out shopping for a new job.

“I have never been one to settle. So despite the fact that I had a job, I was already looking for another one. I went for an interview to another station and they called Msalame telling him I was looking for work there. He fired me the same day.” She dislosed.

Lucky for her the station that snitched on her gave her a job.


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