My biggest mistake in life was getting married young – Betty Kyallo

I should have chilled-Betty

My biggest mistake in life was getting married young – Betty Kyallo

K24 News anchor Betty Kyallo has said that one of her biggest mistakes in life was getting married when she was young, (at only 26 years old)

Her words were in response to a question asked by one of her fans, who wanted to know about her biggest mistake in life.

According to the mother of one, she had not lived and explored life on her own, and given a chance to re-live that time, she would take things slower.

I think it was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me Betty. At 26 I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life, I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,” said Betty Kyallo.

The screen siren said she shouldn’t have rushed things then, noting that was only for her and if anyone out there is ready to settle down at 26, they should go ahead.

Mama Ivanna added that she is now mature and understands herself which makes it easy for her to get into marriage, unlike when she was 26.

Maybe right now, or 2 years from now it doesn’t matter when I’ll feel ready. I should have chilled nilikuwa na mbio but this is for me, if you want to get married at 26, just do you. For me I think now I’m more mature, more in touch with myself, I know who I am it makes it easy for me to let in somebody because najielewa,” she said.

A few days ago, Ms Kyallo hinted that she was warming up to the idea of getting after several years of being against it, after her divorce with ex-husband Dennis Okari.


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