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My Mother introduced me to prostitution at age 13–Confess Young girl in Candid TV interview (Video)

So Unfortunate

Real Talk with Tamima (Instagram)

In 2015, the Ministry of Health issued a report revealing that Kenya enjoys a population of over 130K prostitutes who were probably introduced to it willingly or unwillingly.

The statistics went on to state that, at least three in 10 female sex workers across the 47 counties are infected with HIV (the National Aids Control Council)

Recently, Switch TV through, Real Talk with Tamima, held a candid conversation with young women who narrated how they were introduced to prostitution at a very young age.

A 17 year-old who shared her story, explained that she was introduced to Prostitution by her own mother at the age of 13.


The lady identified as Hellen, disclosed that her life in prostitution was not by choice, as she was forced into it.

Opening up, Hellen narrates that she grew up in Dandora with both her parents, but her mother had never shown her the parental love one requires in a family setting.

“Mi nimetoka Dandora na naishi na wazazi wangu wawili, but mum hajawai nionyesha ili upendo yenye inafaa kuoneshwa kwa mtoto, hataki kuniona close na my siblings, ama my dad ananiambia tu ataniuwa, so nimekuwa tu niishi na hiyo fear. So venye nilifika Form one, Kuna mathe alikuja home , hata mum hakuwa anamjua, akaanza kuongea venye life yake ya prostitution ilikuwa, akakuja akachukua bwana ya wenyewe akamove on na yeye, so Kesho yake ilifika hapo kitu saa nane, Mum akaniambia nijitayarishe, so sikuwa najua mahali naenda, so huyo mama akakuja akaniambia anataka kunipeleka kwa Hotel kunionyesha Love ka Auntie. So mimi nikamfuata tu , kufika huko akaitisha soda mbili , but yangu ilikuwa imeweka mchele, so nilikunywa alafu nikalala, the next moment nilijipata kwa lodging na Mwanaume and I was naked , so nilishutaka kwanza, nikaamsha huyo mwanaume (35) nikamuuliza anafanya nini, yeye akanijibu ni service amelipia” narrates Hellen.


She went on to explain that after the shocking incident, she picked her clothes and went home to confront her mother who in return beat her up; saying she should get used to it.

After the first incident, the woman who tricked her into sleeping with her first man kept on coming to pick her at their home with the consent of her own mother. In a day, she was required to sleep with at least two men.

Another Testimony

Another 23 year old girl, Gladys Wacuka (Salonist) who was raised by her grandmother, confessed that she dropped out of schools at age 9 out of peer pressure and joined her friends who were already on the streets.


She explains that street life subjected her to many things; as she started using drugs and hanging out with bad company.

At the age of 13, she was arrested in the company of her friends for being thieves, but while in custody she met with a woman who was indulging in prostitution. The woman offered to help her get money once their six months jail term was over.

On being released, the woman who appeared as a Good Samaritan took her in, and started to sell her for sex to older men.

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