My son spoke for the first time after 4 years- KTN presenter opens up

He couldn't Talk until the age of 4

Anthony Ndiema with Family

KTN Presenter cum radio Maisha host Anthony Ndiema has revealed that his first born son got his first speech after four years.

In a recent interview with Malezi Bora, Ndiema mentioned his son Joshua was unable to utter any word, forcing him to seek medical attention from a number of doctors, with the aiming of getting a solution to his son’s difficulties in speech.

The father of three was sharing on challenges that come with Parenthood while encouraging parents not to give up on their kids when they notice something strange.

Stared talking after 4 years

“So Interesting enough we have a parenting group, but tukituna parenting group watoi wengine wakifanya vitu Joshua hafanyi, one year, two years, three years Joshua haongei, so tunaambia maboys hutake time, by the tine ilikuwa inaget four years, ilikuwa very alarming, anafanya vitu kama amejiisolate. Si I decided to seek medical help, we went to about 7 doctors, you are told ufanye hearing test, so tulienda many places and I got very interesting reports. One of the reports was that we should start doing sign languages, becaue huyo mtoto will never talk again"

"Tukaanza kumpleka therapy and kumuombea pia. By faith tukasema atakuwa orator mnona huko mbele. So we did our part and we said let God do his part, three weeks after that Joshua had nit said anything. One Saturday morning we were sleeping, Joshau akakimbia kwa room yetu kama saa moja unusu hivi, akasema Daddy! Ala hiyo imetokea wapi? Akasema kama words kama saba zimefutana, wigfe wangu alikuwa so overwhelmed, it was a very overwhemig moment coz we had never heard Joshua speak. So that was the beginning of a new phase for him, tuka enhance therapy for him akakuwa better day by day and sai we can have a conversation with him," said Anthony Ndiema.

Emergency C-section

Three weeks before her due date, Anthony’s wife had started complaining of persistent pains.

A distressed Ndiema had then rushed her to the hospital where it was discovered that she was suffering from a condition known as placental abruption – which occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus.

As a result of the condition, their son wasn’t able to get enough oxygen in the womb.

“The small guy inside was losing out on oxygen fast and there was internal bleeding,” he narrated.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel for the couple as the emergency C-section his wife underwent was successful and both the baby and mother were out of harm’s way.

Miracle baby

During his 6th Birthday, Ndiema described Joshua (his son) as a miracle baby, basing on the challenges he has endured to the places he is now.

“Our small man turns 6 today! 🙌🏾🙌🏾. This is a miracle boy. He keeps surprising us every day. At one point we were advised to learn sign language so that we could communicate to him better in the days to come...BUT GOD! He has achieved tremendous milestones and we really thank God. It is our deepest prayer that you will be used greatly by God to impact your generation. Happy birthday Joshua,” reads the message.

The Shangwe host is married to Nenoh Ndiema and together they have three kids.


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