My Boss infected me with HIV/AIDS- Young Nairobi man narrates (Video)

Creating Awareness About HIV/AIDS

REAL TALK WITH Tamima and guests Kemboi and Anne Njoki

Living with HIV/AIDS is never an easy lifestyle considering the stigma that tags along with the disease.

A young man identified as Kimutai Kemboi, who is living positively, explained how his employer lured him into having sex with her and eventually contracting HIV/AIDS.

The 27 year old who appeared on Let’s Talk with Tamima, revealed that he dropped out of high school and moved to due to lack of school fees to try and hustle.

"I was in high school, and as I approached to finish my High school I had to drop out of school due to lack of school fees, so I came to Nairobi to try and hustle and save money to go back to school. So I met this lady whom I worked for as a gardens Boy. After a while we became so close and she offered that she is going to educate me. At that time I was around 22 years. So there is this day she asked about my life and I was open I wanted help she was in her mid 30’s and she said she was going to educate me if I listen to what she was going to say. She asked me if I could sleep with then she swill be willing to educate me. Because I was very desperate I got myself into it. And that is how I got HIV/AIDs. It was a onetime thing, and that is how I was infected” said Kimutai Kemboi.

Hard to accept the status

Kemboi narrated that it was hard for him to accept that he was indeed infected, as he was forced to do more than four tests just to be sure the first test was correct.

In 2016, he met a friend on friend on Facebook whom he shared his story with for the first time and he promised to help him get medication.

He also mentioned at first it was hard to reveal to his family members his HIV/AIDS status but with time he accepted his situation and shared with his family.

At first they were shocked by with time they accepted my status because after all, am still their son. I contract the disease sometime in 2013, but medication I started in 2016” said Kemboi.

Ann Njoki story

During the show that had been put together to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS another young lady also disclosed how she learned that she was living with the disease.

Ann Njoki (20 years) who has been living positive for the past 9 years, said she learned she was positive after she had been taken to hospital with a headache but during the tests, she overheard the doctor say she was positive.

“I have been living positive for 9 years. It was 13th April 2011 when I was around 13 years, I developed a headache, I went back home where I was being raised by my grandpa, because my mother died when I was three years. So I was tested, I didn't know I was positive, but I heared a doctor say I was positive. So one day my aunt asked me unajua hizi dawa niza nini? I told her Hapa. So she told me I was living a HIV/AIDS virus, it was had to believe. I got it from my mother but hao wanilificha. At one time o stopped taking the medication but with the help Kemboi, I got back to taking the ARV’s. Kuleni life na adabu by the way haikuwa kupenda kwangu” Anne Njoki.



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