Mystery over photo uploaded on Joe Jowi's Instagram account

Who is posting photos on Jowi's Instagram account?

Mystery over photo uploaded on Joe Jowi's Instagram account

On Friday, netizens were treated to a surprise act after Joseph "Jowi" Irungu’s Instagram account went active again, sharing a photo where he was seemingly relaxing with a lady in what appears to be an entertainment joint.

The unexpected upload sparked a hullabaloo on social media based on the the fact Jowi is still remanded at Kamiti Maximum Security prison.

It’s not yet clear who is managing the account. A cross-check on his Instagram account, the last upload by Irungu was on September 11, 2018 and currently his account only has 22 pictures.

Also, all Jacque Maribe’s photos that had ever been uploaded on the page have been deleted.

Bail application.

On Thursday, Jowie suffered a blow in his murder case, after Justice James Wakiaga once again postponed a decision on his bail application.

Postponed to February 2020

Jowie had pleaded, to the point of tears, to be released citing tough conditions he is experiencing at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

"I have no intent to go anywhere. My second accused (Jacque Maribe) was granted bail and she never absconded court. I deserve the same," the suspected had pleaded with the court.

Justice Wakiaga, however, refused to give his ruling on the bail application on Thursday, postponing the decision to February 13, 2020.


boboshillahJowie welcome”

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The Instagram post


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