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Chipukeezy takes immediate action after BBC exposé on “Killer” rehab in Eastleigh

An investigative documentary aired by BBC Africa, revealed how patients were tortured and whipped under the disguise of helping them reform after admission into the centre.

The documentary dubbed , which made the vomit afterwards.

The exposé prompted Nacada to intervene, closing down the rehab and arresting all the perpetrators who have been running the rehabilitation centres illegally.

“Just to inform you that Darufisha Center in Eastleigh has been closed and the perpetrators arrested. The centre has been operating illegally and I would like to reitarate that we cannot support patients being abused physically or psychologically,” Chipukeezy affirmed.


Malicious individuals

In the Documentary, it's alleged that in several instances, the centres are used by malicious individuals to imprison people they fall out with, among them women.

It also emerged that many of those held and tortured at the rehabs are always admitted even if drug tests confirm that they are not addicts.

Once in the centres, those supposed to be treated are severely beaten by officials and fellow prisoners who are offered rewards for fiercely attacking their counterparts.


Video Courtesy of BBC


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