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DJ Pierra Makena speaks on joining Nairobi Diaries

Is the former Tahidi High Actress really joining Nairobi Diaries?

She claimed that Pierra Makena had body shamed her and so she decided to return the ‘favor’ by fighting in the nastiest way possible by going for Pierra her baby daddy and her weight.

After being silent to avoid responding rudely to Mishi’s post, Pierra has broken her silence and disclosed that the number used to body shame Mishi on WhatsApp was not hers.

“If my accuser had done a little digging then she could have found out that I was not the owner of the number in their Whatsapp group. This week has been interesting but I chose not to respond rudely to the vile/body shaming post. As a hard working mother, Career woman and a friend I do not approve of body shaming insulting and use of foul language to communicate. I have decided to clear the air though those who know me know that it was not me.” Pierra informed her fans after revealing that she couldn’t share more as Mishi’s offensive post had become a police case.


The unexpected drama between the two has led to some fans speculating that Pierra would be joining the Nairobi Diaries’ cast.

Pierra has spoken on the speculations and denied that she is joining Nairobi Diaries.


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