Naked photos that angered CJ Maraga

He gave an angry speech!

Naked photos that angered CJ Maraga

A few days ago, Chief Justice David Maraga gave an angry speech during the Anti-Graft Summit that was held at the Bomas of Kenya.

In his speech, the Chief Justice who directed his anger at bloggers, whom he claimed ran endless campaigns against the Judiciary.

He went on to say that the war on corruption will never be won on such ploys, insisting that it would only be won on hard evidence.

"I am now being side tracked by endless campaigns on social media. Like today, they showed me naked appearing to be massaging people who are supposed to be corrupt. The war on graft will not be won on such gimmicks,” the Chief Justice stated.

The CJ’s words came after a section of bloggers ran campaigns under the hashtag (#JudiciaryMassageParlour) which claimed that the Judiciary worked with suspects to defeat justice.

They also created memes that which is what angered the CJ most.



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