10 cutest moments of Nameless and Wahu's family that will melt your heart (Photos)

Awww! Family goals.

The two have been Kenya's 'Beyonce and Jay Z' since the early 2000s and 12 years of marriage and two kids later the two are still going strong all while serving the cutest family goals.

Here are 10 cutest moments of Nameless and Wahu's family that will melt your heart.

1.The time Wahu stole Nameless clothes

Nameless put Wahu on blast for stealing his clothes on Instagram and that moment couldn't have been more relatable  for a lot of couples. Besides women look better in their men's clothes anyway and there are some items in a man's closet that every woman can steal when they have nothing to wear.

2.The time Nameless tried to revenge and steal Wahu’s socks

After she stole his clothes, Nameless attempted to steal Wahu's socks as a way of getting back at his wife. The plan failed miserably as clearly Wahu's socks didn't fit.

3.The time Tumiso wrote a sweet letter to her mum

Who can forget that time Nameless and Wahu's first daughter Tumiso wrote a letter to her mum after she came across Wahu's Google search history.

Wahu was searching for ways to make Tumiso concentrate better in class and when Tumiso found out she re-assured Wahu of what an amazing mother she is in the sweetest letter.

4.The time Tumiso inspired Wahu's message on temptation

5.The time Nameless revealed the secret to a successful marriage

Despite the rumors of their break ups and stories of how their two daughters aren't Nameless' biological children, this couple have still weathered the storm and Nameless recently revealed the secret towards their successful marriage.

According to Nameless, the couple never handles issues when they are mad and that has helped keep their marriage intact.

6.Awkward first meeting between Nameless and Wahu’s parents

Before we even knew who Nameless and Wahu were, there was that awkward first meeting between Nameless and Wahu's parents.

7.How they respect one another’s careers

When asked how Wahu handles women grinding on him, Nameless revealed that Wahu has no problem with it as she knows it comes with the territory of being in the entertainment industry.

Same applies to Wahu's career. She revealed that Nameless actually handpicked the guy that featured in her 'Yeye' video.

8.The time Wahu was grinding on Nameless

This may be more naughty than cute but still goes down as a mentionable moment.

Yeah, they got a little naughty for us and posted a video of Wahu grinding on Nameless that excited a lot of Kenyans.

9.How they hold each other down

When Nameless got sick, Wahu took on more responsibilities in their home and Nameless hilariously joked of how scared he was that Wahu was being the only bread winner.

His fans were quick to join in on the joke but at the same time encouraged him to get better as his wife held him down.

10.When Nameless proposed to Wahu

Nameless and Wahu would have never been what they are today if Nameless didn't get down on one knee and he did so at Arboretum 12 years ago. The place has sentimental value to them as the two used to chill there when they were at campus.


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