Fans hilariously react to Nameless being scared of Wahu being the family's only breadwinner

"Nyumbani hakukaliki, itabidi nirudi stage soon," Nameless

After a fortnight's stay at hospital, the Sinzia singer is now a lot better.

So much so that he was watching his wife and fellow musician, Wahu perform at the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

He then wrote on his social media:

"Nilicheki Wife akiperform Mashujaa Day. ..was watching from the TV set at home juu mimi nimekatazwa na Daktari ku perform for the next few weeks.. lakini sasa juu wife amekuwa bread winner of late , huku nyumbani hakukaliki! !! Eh.. itabidii nirudi kwa stage soon for the sake of peace in my house...eish!!!!" he stated.

Kenyans then ran away with the statement, with sometimes extra hilarious comments.

With some fans reminding Wahu is "the best" and wishing him a full recovery, the good natured mocking continued:


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