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Nameless reveals the secret that has kept his marriage

Nameless spills the beans

The two have been married for thirteen years now and they have two kids together. They started dating way back in campus when they were students at the University of Nairobi.

The ‘Inspire me’ singer has disclosed that they (Wahu and Nameless) never try to solve anything when they are mad.

Easy environment


He said that over time they learnt that the best way to settle their issues was to relax and create an easy environment for negotiation.

Nameless also revealed that he is the cool one when it comes to that.

On being asked how Wahu reacts seeing how he dances and connects with girls on stage in an interview with Willy M Tuva, Nameless said the fact that they both are artists who perform on stage has helped her understand how it works.

The artist also disclosed that in 90% of his shoots Wahu has always been present further mentioning that it is only one or two instances where she skipped since she wasn’t able to attend.


Lasting marriage

The love birds dated for 8 years before they tied the knot. Nameless told NTV last year that for the many years they been together his love for Wahu has never faded.

“It’s been 8 years dating and 12 years marriage. We know each other inside out and we are still learning each other,” Nameless stated

Further adding that, “Our foundation is pretty strong and we have weathered very many storms but the good thing is she understands my pressure and I understand hers.”

He was quick to note that the disadvantage that comes with being public figures is that people are always looking for stories and if they don’t find they create one.


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