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Singer finally 'Letigo' of his durags and hats, shows us what he hides under his headgears

Nameless has finally revealed what he hides beneath his snapbacks and boy will you be shocked.

Nameless Kenya

The singer shared a couple of pictures on his gram flaunting his forehead that stretches all the way back. Not that he is ashamed of it, but Nameless has always preferred to compliment his outfits with durags from way back and snapbacks that give him that youthful touch.

Anyway in the recent photos he shared one can not help but notice his shiny forehead from Miles away. He captioned one of the images,

“TeamForehead mpo??? Tag anyone with a gudu forehead and tell them its ok ata Nameless ana yake!!!

As fans began to take note of the funny looking forehead, other users couldn’t help but express their obsession with the image. well, at least the singer is comfortable with his hair line.


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