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King Kaka’s wife claps back at critics over breast feeding in public

No Chills

Nana stated that she was not ashamed of sharing photos of herself while nursing her baby. She added that she will nurse her child anywhere unapologetically.

“Someone slid in my DM to ask me to pull down a pic of me nursing my baby, Now,Here I am Creating the world I want to live in,that’s why I realized I need to nurse anywhere unapologetically. If they don’t see it happening,it won’t be normalized..I won’t be shamed for flipping my breast out so I can feed my hungry, little ..Oh! That feeling of fulfillment as my breast nourishes my baby and my love nourishes his litu soul. How awesome is God? That a baby, can survive solely on this Liquid gold for 6Months or more and gain so much weight. My baby is 8.2kgs today” shared Nana Owiti


Her many fans on Instagram joined the conversation to give their opinion in regards to her acts of breast feeding freely.


One user said “Am a man and got no breasts but if I was in your position I'd have done the same. There's a time I've had to remove my shirt and cover my son to make sure he's warm after juice spilled on his shirt. Am a parent I don't care what someone else think but for satisfaction and well being of the kid it's very necessary and you owe no one an apology. God bless”

“I breastfed maleeq till he was 3years!!3!! and i would proudly pop that tittie anywhere and every where ignoring the tu whispers and shock in people 's eyes!! so do you boo!”


“ termed as shameful, but when we walk around with the boobies hanging out of our clothes it is okay and we receive lots of likes?? Mmmh.. Can someone slap that person back to his senses with cactus”

“This is a beautiful picture. I exclusively breastfed both my kids until they were 6 months. I'd do it in public unapologetically and uncovered. Do you.”

“The pic speaks volumes, proud of you, motherhood is beautiful. ”

“Never feel ashamed of that people walk with their breast out showing their cleavages and non one bothers to ask anything when your breastfeeding it becomes an issue mama never feel ashamed I wish I could take one photo when doing it when I was breastfeeding my bad... That was the best moment ever I loved to breastfeed than anything else. &baby moment”


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