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Babu Owino speaks on his relationship with Esther Passaris

Kenyans have claimed that the two are too close to comfort.

Conspiracy theorists have even gone ahead to pull-out photos of the two looking tight on numerous occasions.

And a pic of the two talking intently and in close proximity during a jail visit to former Senator Johnstone Muthama at Pangani Police Station has led to uncontrolled social media chatter about the two dating.

However, Babu has finally spoken about their said relationship and he revealed that the only kind of relationship he has with Passaris is a political one and not a romantic one as many allege.


Speaking to SDE, Babu said that ‘they were just discussing the future of the country.’ While Passaris, got very cross when asked about the said ‘affair’.

“You can write what the heck you want!” Passaris told the writer.

The beautiful Nairobi Women's rep is currently drumming up support for a car wash fundraiser for NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga at Luchar opposite Uhuru Gardens.


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