Business Woman Zari Hassan has for the first time shared a photo while posing with her Father Nasur Hassan during her ongoing visit in Uganda.

Through her Insta-stories, Zari gave her followers a sneak peak of her little known Father, Mr. Hassan.

Despite having a huge social media presence, Zari had only introduced her late mum Halima Hassan, leaving many guessing the whereabouts of her father.

Going by the Photos, Zari is a look alike of her father.

“I am my Fathers Copy” wrote Zari Hassan.


Zari’s Parents separated while she was still young and her mother had to bring them up as a single mum.

In May, 2017, Mr.Hassan came to the limelight after the death of Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Don, stating how the sudden death had affected him.

"The news of Ivan has affected me so much, he was a person I admired so much and respected as my son in law despite the little difference that grew between my daughter and him. I will remember him forever" he said in an interview with Millard Ayo.

Currently, Zari is in Uganda where she has been participating in a number of Charity Events and Judging the Miss Ugandan 2018.