Nataka Pesa Yangu - Another Gospel artiste goes after Bahati, reveals Nasty details

Kuna Shida Mahali! Scandal after scandal

Singer Kevin Bahati with M4J (Instagram)

The rift in the Kenyan Gospel industry seems to be widening day by day. EMB President Kevin Bahati is yet at the center of another allegation of not paying his counterparts during his concerts.

Boniface Owino, popularly known as M4J, has accused Bahati of fraud, refusing to pay him his dues after he did T-shirt Branding for a number of his concerts.

M4J, who used to be a member of Bone Breakers (A Dance group) alongside Mr Seed and Bahati, explained that he worked with Bahati on more than three of his concerts and up to date he has not received full payment for services rendered.

Not paying debts

In his narration, M4J mentioned that Bahati has a tendency of disappearing from the people who work for him once they deliver.

“When Bahati was launching his Album He needed Tshirts Printed to be sure 150 tshirts, launch was at NPC valley road. so I stopped doing some of my clients Job to help a brother, a son, Since it was me, He sent Mutua who is also my Son a Very Disciplined guy, a member of BONEBREAKERS by then KINGS OF DANCE ARENA, for those Who attended Jesus Night can 2nd this. So I did the Tshirts with 30% paid, I went to my Pockets and made sure this Ninjas launch was going to be successful. After show Bahati was nowhere to be found, He disappeared like Railas Votes 2007, Wueeeeeeeh!! Tricky, Blander size ya Noma. Mutua calmed me down n said utalipwa...So I left in despair and disappointments I tried to reach Bahati days, Weeks, months, years. And I stopped I had no choice but to forgive Him.” reads part of M4J's post.

T-shirt Branding

The singer (M4J) added that the cycle went on in 2016, 2017 after he was again contracted to do other printings for Bahati and his EMB team.

“2months later I left 254, Started working on my Youtube Acc then Bahati goes to NGOMMA VAS and an insider Tells me that Bahati gave out Some handout and has been showing up randomly for My YouTube channel to be Removed from NGOMMA VAS, indeed it was Removed which now my YouTube is Independent. I have seen it all with this Guy. God is faithful. But so far Legally Bahati has my Debt, I need My Money Baba Mueni, Nataka Pesa yangu Kevin Kioko Bahati. @mrseedofficialUkisema huyu boyz hajakulipa i can relate. whichever the case let my longtime friends who knows me n bahati get to see the reason as to why "mtoto wangu" hajawai ji associate na mimi after making it” added M4J.

Never been to a children's home

He added that “Hizi miaka zote nimekaa na bahati sijawai Ona Bahati akiishi Childrens home mpaka time his bro chalo passed on "may he rip" which after that bahati went to stay with his 2sister. (mlicheswa). Otherwise money or the box? .... money...... May he know that You cant Go up by stepping on others and bringing them down. So since its not Business as Usual, Batati ... oops sorry Bahati Should consider paying me.”

His allegations come days, after Mr Seed’s Manager Mutua through Ringtone Apoko’s page claimed that Bahati is yet to pay Seed his money from his performance at the EMB Jesus Party 2018. Currently, M4J stays in the US. tried to reach out on Bahati for his side of the story but unfortunately his Phone went unanswered. Contacting his Manager Kioko, he stated that he was currently on leave and would therefore not can’t comment on anything to do with EMB or his Boss Bahati.


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