Neomi Ng'ang'a opens up on rough journey that crushed her in 2019

I stood in platforms balancing tears!

Neomi Nganga opens up on rough journey that crushed her in 2019

Award winning actress Neomi Ng'ang'a has opened up the rough times she went through in 2019, that made her lose herself.

Taking to her Instagram page, the fashionpreneur revealed that just like everyone else, she thought 2019 would be her year but instead things went south, leaving her broken and disappointed.

I stood in platforms balancing tears and smiled in places where I was put down, literally crashed. You know the way we are excited about our plans, and then they don't go the way we plan?, Then frustration and disappointments come in so hard!! I was there. There were moments I didn’t want to talk to people i just wanted my space,” read part of her post.

Ms Neomi revealed that having the #MISSPLUSWORLD project gave her a lot of anxiety and doubt on whether she would make it successful, something that gave her sleepless nights and tears because it her first big project.

I was so caught up with a lot of things .. I got overwhelmed with my emotions !FINANCES and that really affected everything around me ... my friends ,my family,my business ,my Brand immensely... I got drained..crushed en I lost myself.....” said Neomi.

Despite of how difficult the journey was, Neomi found herself and in the process found amazing people who showed her support and walked with her to make the project a success.

Ms Ng'ang'a added that she had not figured everything out, but she had learned to trust in God for everything.

The beauty noted that she was learning how to breathe, and have breaks because it was totally okay to do that.

It’s ok to be vulnerable, it's ok to be beaten down, it is ok.. I have learnt patience and keeping friendship. Am learning to network for it's my networth and Most importantly to trust in God. Because Nothing is impossible,” said Neomi.


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