Kate Actress excites KOT with this appreciation message to Njugush

Netizens react to Kate Actress’s beautiful Message to Njugush

Kate Actress with Njugush

Actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress has penned down a message of appreciation to comedian cum actor Timothy Kimani aka Njugush for teaching her how to hustle on social media media.

In a tweet, the former Sue Na Johnnie actress, mentioned that Njugush held her hand and now she is living off social media gigs courtesy of the funny man.

“An appreciation tweet for @BlessedNjugush , I am literally living off social media gigs because you held my hand , you showed me the ropes .you are appreciated litu bro Folded hands” reads Kate actress’s message to Njugush.

Upon seeing the beautiful message, Njugush replied “Thanks so much wamapupuu.....but...can 2020 look at us the way you look at me.....”.

The conversation between the two actors prompted Kenyan on Twitter to join in, saluting them for supporting each other. The two who are family friends, have acted together in Sue na Johnnie a local TV drama that used to air on Maisha Magic East.

Reactions from KOT

Milliciachris @milliciachris “@kate_Actress_ @BravinYuri and @BlessedNjugush. It takes a lot for people to appreciate the ones who held their hand cz some want to be seen as super heroes. Kudos gal! You showed the unappreciative the way it is done”

Simon Nganga @S_Hotsteam@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush Wamapupu na wabapupu good stuff you guys are doing. Mungu aendelee kubariki @BlessedNjugush you have helped alot of people”

Gerald Ndegwa @GeraldMcBull “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush And twitter saw this as a fit recommendation and yaaas. It is. @BlessedNjugush you are an amazing soul kaka @kate_Actress_ you are amazing”.

BRAVIN YURI @BravinYuri “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush Champ huyo. My Favourite comedian. Hugging faceHugging face

KenyaBuzz @KenyaBuzz “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush Creatives supporting each other. We’re here for it Red heart”.

Celestine Gachuhi @CelestineGachu1 “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush I look upon you nifike pale umefikia kwa acting industry”

K Wash @Kevo_vLOGGER “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush Njugush wa madame noe I see why they love youWinking face Jokes aside no man is an island we all need guidance or a helping hand”

Mevin @0mevin “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush Njugush is a brainee angebaki tu househelps but dude made himslef bigger and pretty sure hes one of the best Youtubers in Kenya”

Daddy Ryan @SammyMwangi45 “@kate_Actress_ and @BlessedNjugush Mimi utanishika mkono lini niomoke? Just one day tuu... I host you and Wakavinya in our furnished 4 br villa and that will be it... just for Free. Imagine !!!”


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