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Netizens react to Miguna’s tweet revoking Raila’s swearing in as People’s President

I declare Raila Odinga an ordinary citizen-Miguna

Miguna Miguna, Raila Odinga, TJ Kajwang and james Orengo at the mock swearing in ceremony at Uhuru Park

Netizens exhibited mixed reactions after exiled Lawyer Miguna Miguna in a tweet announced that he had revoked the swearing in of ODM leader Raila Odinga as the People’s President.

Miguna said that he had revoked the Oath Mr. Odinga swore as he went ahead to declare him an ordinary Kenyan citizen.

By powers vested on me as the Commissioner of Oaths who administered the Oath of Office of The People's President on Raila Amolo Odinga, I, Miguna Miguna, hereby REVOKE that Oath and declare @RailaOdinga to be an ordinary citizen. Dated at the City of Toronto, this June 16, 2020.” said Miguna Miguna.

His words come about 2 and a half years after ‘swearing in’ Raila Odinga as the People’s President in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park grounds, a move that had him arrested for days before he was sedated and deported to Canada.


He has since tried to return to Kenya unsuccessfully three times.

Here’s how Kenyans on Twitter reacted to his tweet;

ItsGuchu You do realise neither the fake Oath you administered nor the Revoking of the said Oath is relevant? But of course you must remain 'relevant' behind your keyboard somewhere in the city of Toronto not Uhuru Park Nairobi.

@charlesmarang17 Our General some of these issues we need to make a ceremony of declaration that @RailaOdinga is a Kenyan citizen and a Looter just like Mrs. Looter the mistress to the chief Looter Uhuru


@jaykiokoh At least he is an educated comedian who has content and without any effort releases punchlines after punchlines He is my Dave Chapelle

@BILLIE_ISIOLO umesema Raila ni ordinary citizen kama mimi sio?

@lemmyfolo4 Officially confirmed by General

@olwalodhiambo2 Go revoke it in the presence of over 1 million Kenyans who witnessed the swearing in and we shall uphold your statement.

@Kirianki3 The title "People's President" conferred on Raila has been revoked! The world listens when


@MigunaMiguna speaks! Does @RailaOdinga listen?

@yamezd Naona some kenyans here want to defend raila..Kwani shida yenu uukua gani that guy alifanya watu wapigane.. People lost their lives.Those people have been in politics since independence and you say you want change in this country? That will never happen we should toa all of them

Salmon Omondi @OmondiSalmon He is now an ordinary conman. The oath is revoked. Thank you General. Viva

@BRIANOT21383354 This Raila is always a ordinary Citzen since he was born ,I see nothing special in this Man called Raila coz ever since he joined politics many people are following him blindly in the name of him becoming the president ,hence Raila himself has never been interested of bcoming one

@BrunoOdote Come back to Uhuru Park, and declare that in a rally,puga


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