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Ngina Kenyatta makes rare public appearance with cool tattoo (Photos)

Ngina Kenyatta is extremely private.

While many sons and daughters of Presidents are often in the news for enjoying a recklessly extravagant lifestyle composed of lavish apartments, over-the-top cars and partying with reckless abandon, Ngina is rarely in the news, in fact, she is rarely photographed in public.

And unlike most girls her age who social media is their lifeblood, Uhuru’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta remains largely reclusive from these popular sites.

And that is why her public appearances are such a big deal.


Lewa Marathon

The president’s daughter caused a huge commotion after turning up for the annual Lewa Marathon alongside her mum.

While she mingled with the public, a roving paparazzi lens snapped a pic of the first daughter spotting a piercing and a side hand tattoo that read “In God’s hands.”


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