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Dr Ofweneke’s ex-fiancée now in a good place after escaping violent relationship (Photo)

After years of flaunting their love on social media and Dr Ofweneke’s beautiful proposal, many were shocked when Nicah the Queen announced that Dr Ofweneke was a violent man.

“Domestic violence is such a bad thing…I had to walk away…I had to run, yes I am a single mum of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids.” Read the message accompanied by a jarring image of a beaten up Nicah.

Many were outraged to learn that the diminutive cheery comedian had a mean streak and others were in denial because no one wants to believe that their favourite celebrity could be violent.

“When we started our relationship, he was violent. I got into the relationship thinking I will change him, but sadly that proved impossible. I refrained from exposing his violent behavior because I wanted my relationship to work. I am a woman!

I am looking at my children, considering their future. I do not have something solid to help me generate an income that would keep me afloat in this harsh Nairobi; my name is not that big to grant me big gigs to earn me a significant income. I wanted my relationship to work; I wanted my children to live with their dad. I needed a man in my life.” Nicah told Edaily before revealing that she moved out of their home in September 2016 after the violence escalated to riotous levels.


Some thought that Nicah would go back to her relationship, but Nicah has maintained that she is not going back and she will raise her daughters on her own. In fact judging from a photo she shared bonding with her two babies, Nicah seems to be in a good place.


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