Why Kenyans can’t stop discussing Biwott's grandchildren

Biwott's grandkids are a hot topic today...

But during his requiem mass, we finally caught a glimpse of his family of seven children,  six daughters and a son and 11 grandchildren as they paid their tributes to Moi’s right-hand man.

But what caught the attention of many Kenyans was the drastic difference in Biwott and some of his grandkids’ looks which has led to the rise of a number of theories over the teenagers’ hereditary line.

Kenyans on social media were quick to point out that some of his grandchildren were purely white and not even a drop of chocolate in them with some of them accusing Biwott of having a Michel Jackson complex as the pop star’s kids were white and yet he was black.

Here are just some of the reactions from puzzled Kenyans in regards to the kids:

I thiiiiiink.....this Biwot guy had the same problem Micheal Jackson had.....issues with "blackness" ni vile tu yeye hakutumia madawa kuji lighten coz he was rural oriented na mzee wa Government!....no wonder he kept his personal life very very confidential......but huyu mtu had issues with blacks...from trusting us even in death-Susan O.

Hawa wanaume wa zamani walikuwa wierd sana, unless uwachunguze, some things will forever remain a mystery, this was Moi's wingman, so secrecy was his cup of tea and yes,this is one of his many secrets you will never know- Wambui E.

And then you thought Kenyans are stupid, at least they are not blind. Lol....- Chacha A.

They are only a quarter black. If you see these kids with pure Caucasians that's when you will notice the difference- Salome L

I get your point but woooote, shouldn't there be a hint of black in them like Rashida Jones. Alafu Biwott was like pure African...I mean they're soooo caucasian not even one with biracial-Mumbi T

They are white because they live in Whiteland- Faridah M

It depends if the wife blood is so strong the kids have to take everything if the dad was vice-versa too.- Kerry K

So is it possible for a black/black-white person to bring forth a purely white baby? It is possible if the person married a white person and the white gene expresses dominance over the black one and the kids end up white.


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