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How popular actor was framed in sexual harassment saga

Check your facts before crucifying someone

It has now come to the limelight that the allegations were a well calculated move by the second runner’-up of KTN’s The presenter show Koome Kitobu with the aim of damaging the reputation of the actor.

According SDE, the Kitobi took social media claiming that Mr. Mutuma “grabbed his girlfriend’s behind” during the popular Ameru Cultural Festival last year.

However, going by the sources who attended the event among them organisers of the event Eric Kinoti, MC Jessy, Kenny Kaburu and many others have defended Nick saying Gitobu’s allegations are malicious.


Gitobu who had been awared the Photographers job during the event, met the said girl at the event and therefore she was nor even her girlfriend as he claimed earlier.

“We were with Nick throughout the  three days of the event and in fact we were sharing a hotel and I can confirm these are fabrications made to soil Nick’s name,” said Kenny Kaburu, an organiser at the Ameru festival

Ironically, when Kenny approached Gitobu on Saturday asking him to provide facts and witnesses for the said assault, Gitobu went ahead to insult Kenny and further intimidate  through a social media post telling Kenny that he had also witnessed him grabbing a girl’s behind during the same event.

“It is just wrong for someone to wake up one day and plot how to mudsling someone’s name. This guy simply wants to spoil Nick’s reputation. He is on a publicity hunt. Where has he been since last year to come out now and make such claims? Why isn’t the girl speaking for herself?” This is a well-orchestrated move.”  Added Kenny

The fact that another girl is coming out to make similar claims that are attracting support from the same people shows a cartel has been formed - to spoil Nick’s name.”


Nick who is in the USA, for studies denied the allegations saying he was shocked to learn that someone was peddling lies that with serious accusations against him.


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