Losing pregnancy weight fast is hard but celebrities like Avril, This is Ess and Nimo Gachiuri have managed to do it in a relatively short span of time.

While some people try to snap back immediately, Miss Nimo has taken her time in returning to her pre-baby shape and took to Instagram to flaunt her progress.

Nimo (Instagram)
Nimo (Instagram)

She revealed that she has employed latex waist trainers in her weight loss journey.

“Now that baby is almost 2 months old, I am so excited to finally start waist training so that I can get back to my pre-baby body. It has been almost 2 weeks now and I really love how comfy this waist trainer is and the quality is completely different from others I have ever seen before. I literally live in it the whole day because of how comfortable it is,” read part of her post.

Breastfeeding for Weight Loss

While Nimmo has embraced waist trainers, Avril disclosed that she shed off her weight through breastfeeding. This was during a segment on Switch TV’s ‘Chat Spot’.

 “You know what happened, I gave birth to a baby boy who has been breastfeeding. I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby up to now he is 8 months still breastfeeding. I started weaning him at 6 months he loves his mashed bananas and bla bla bla but he still breastfeeds,” Avril said.

“There is a whole science behind it, there is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin. So when it’s generated from the brain to the abdomen muscles it tells the body you need to contract... So when you are breastfeeding that chemical goes down and causes contractions and the contraction leave you snatched,” she explained.

For This is Ess, losing 12 kilograms in four months involved a combination of a lot of things. The then new mom shared her three tips on how she lost over 12 kilograms in such a short amount of time.

 This is Ess aka Sharon Mundia (Instagram)
This is Ess aka Sharon Mundia (Instagram)

“The main thing that helped me lose my baby weight is breastfeeding. You burn loads of calories while breastfeeding,” she said.

She further revealed that watching the types of food that she ate greatly contributed to her weight loss; opting for more natural and organic foods when it comes to her post-baby diet.

“I don’t deny myself foods. If I feel like having a salted caramel cake then I’ll have that. I just allow myself to have healthier options beforehand…I swapped sodas and juices for water. I drink about 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day,” she said

One clear favourite addition to her diet was green tea which greatly helped in losing weight by boosting one’s metabolic rate.