Nimo Gachuiri responds to claims of exposing their baby to too much publicity

Is it too much publicity?

The seeds (Instagram)

Mr Seed’s fiancée Nimo Gachiuri recently incurred the wrath of the perfect parents of Instagram.

“My MCM TITLE JUST GOT DEEPER. Happy new week loves,” Nimo innocently posted and chaos ensued.

The new mom became the target of harsh criticism and unsolicited advice for letting her newborn bask in the sun while he was not wearing warm clothes. Others felt that she was exposing her child to too much publicity and he was barely a week old.

“Please don’t expose the baby on social media he is too young just saying,” one wrote.

“Congratulations Nimo, try to cover the baby he is not used to the new environment yet,” another added.

“…the head should be away from the sun. Welcome to motherhood, we the social media parents are on you,” another social media parent wrote.

“Please allow the baby to relax. I think its unfair publicity for a baby below 1 week. What are you trying to achieve?” a follower demanded.

Nimmo responded to the last comment with “The baby is fine. You don’t have to worry. Trying to achieve nothing we are just super happy and glad to have him around.”


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