Nitakuchapa wewe - Angry Khaligraph lectures DJ after messing with set during live performance

OG hapendi Ujinga

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A video of rapper Khaligraph Jones lecturing a DJ messing up with his set during his recent performance at Nairobi University has surfaced online.

In the 39 seconds clip, Papa Jones is seen threatening the DJ, for doing a shoddy job while he is on stage to have a one on one connection with his fans.

The BlueInk CEO, who was performing his tune dubbed Omollo, is heard saying “DJ, DJ nitakuchapa wewe, unafanya nini wewe. Dj ngoja hapo kwanza, sitaki mchezo hapa wewe. Ebu anzisha hiyo ngoma tena na ukiharibu tena tunakuchapa sai vibaya sana.”

Energy and flow

Khali, who is arguably one of the best performers in Kenya, never disappoints when he hits the stage and probably he was surprised when the DJ could not match his pace (energy and flow).

Khali’s rant was echoed by a number of his fans, who stated that some DJ’s have a tendency of messing up artistes while others argued that he was somehow rude.


Here are some of the reactions;

barasachriss “when you hire the OG for an event... no need for bouncers... he performs double duty”

pie_alpha “Eeeeey.....tunakuchapa mbaya sana...OG HUNIPEA MORALE FLANI”

gathungupeterFor the first time Good K,jones maDjz wahufukup msee kwa stage anakaa kanambo”

tracy_hassan_90 “This nigga aint rude @khaligraph_jones has really worked hard to be where he is right now go to you tube and ull see beyonce telling his team on stage that somebody is getting fired its not even about the money he wants to give his funs what they deserve coz to be honest if he leaves that stage performance wasn’t on a 💯 people will start calling him out so the nigga isn’t rude at all”

putunoiofficial “I tend to agree with khaligraph...if u soft to nairobi people they will give u mediocre work...u should be strict...such and encouragement”

gasyombuaLol! He is rude,without the DJ nothing will go on there,he should learnt to respect the DJ firs”

jaym_derry😂😂😂Huyo bouncer wa OG ndio anafaa kuws MC.. vile kamekonder”

brian__kibet_I think this guy needs to learn how to handle others, that's very uncivilized behavior”

poor_trillionaire_254 “Iyo sura tu imetosha 😂😂 ata sio vita walai umeweza strong @khaligraph_jones

annie_njenga_kush🚮🚮. Hehehe .he's rude ... . Uncivilised behavior”

rockfillah😂😂😂😂...apo I support you.. kuna some DJs wantaka kuchapwa”

john_gakuru “Hiyo ni ujinga ako nayo🚮He needs to grow u”

winston_sudhe “I don't like the big guy ako na utoto mob”


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