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NASA lawyer makes special request to Njoki Chege after her message to Babu Owino

The lawyer has written to Njoki asking her to do something for Uhuru Kenyatta.

“There are not many 29-year-olds that are in your position. The truth is, you are a young achiever and you have done very well for yourself so far. I would even say you have proven yourself already. On top of that, you have a few things going on for you. You are educated, young, brilliant, dripping with youthful energy and you have a lovely young family.”

But she was just buttering him up before coming in for the kill as she criticized him over his unrefined and hillbilly-like conduct in the past week. "Babu, you ought not to be like those other uncouth politicians. You can cultivate some level of refinement and intelligence. You sat in an actuarial science class and now almost completing a law degree.


It’s high time you stopped behaving like an ignorant, bucolic yokel and started to behave like the leader the people of Embakasi East Constituency elected you to be. It is very disappointing for a young person in Parliament to forget why he was elected and to engage in mindless, empty politics.” Njoki wrote.

Now in a tweet that was retweeted by Babu Owino, NASA lawyer Nelson Havi made a special request to the Nation writer.A request that she writes an article giving Uhuru Kenyatta, Mike Sonko and Moses Kuria a dressing-down like Babu’s.

“Dear Njoki Chege, I have perused your epistle to St Paul Babu Owino; a masterpiece of wisdom. I have spied on mailboxes of Uhuru Kenyatta, Mike Sonko and Moses Kuria but have not seen similar counsel. Could you please, write to them and copy us? Sincerely Yours, Fellow Comrade.”

Soon after the tweet went up, Moses Kuria revealed that Njoki once referred to him as a farm hand in a scathing post.


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