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“Njoo unipelekee Kamiti, omera Jaluo oksechi” Tough headed Luo girl flaunts a photo of her sister and her baby smoking shisha and dares anyone to report to police

The kid is barely 5 years yet he has been taught to smoke shisha like a Kariobangi chimney by his mother and aunt.

World Health Organization (WHO) says shisha is more dangerous than cigarettes; WHO’s tobacco expert,  Edouard Tursan d'Espaignet, says a single puff from a water pipe nearly equals the volume of smoke inhaled from an entire cigarette, while one session of shisha can equal smoking 20 to 30 cigarettes in one go. [sic]

A certain Que Zuhura Ondiro and her sister must have not been enlightened about this fact by WHO to allow a child to smoke shisha.

Ondiro shared a photo of her sister and her baby puffing white fumes from a shisha pipe as she bragged about how smoking shisha was deeply rooted in her family.

“Shisha runs into our blood yawa, my siz n her baby boy enjoying the sweetness of shisha. SHISHA will kill us one day Mayoo”  Que Zuhura Ondiro captioned photos she shared on Facebook.


Concerned Kenyans tried hammering sense into her hollow skull but the thick headed girl even dared them to report her to authorities.

Ondiro went on to explain that the dangerous hobby of smocking shisha was the daily bread of their strange family.


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