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Comedian Njugush in trouble over plagiarism

Njugush has been accused!

The celebrated comedian who has been riding high since leaving the comedy series uploaded a funny video clip but Mole came out guns blazing attacking Njugush of plagiarism.

In one of Mole's attacks, he blasts Njugush for stealing his makeup tutorial with another one telling the funny man that the truth will eventually come out to light.

“I thought I had seen enough, then the nigaah did my make up tutorial”, read one post.


“ @blessednjugush you can steal all my content man and make it your own, but my God never sleeps, the truth will eventually come to light, karma is a bitch," read the other.

However, Njugush whose real name is Timothy Kimani Ndengwa and a father of one, laughed off the accusations telling Mole to “quench his thirst”.

“This 2 videos are world's apart but anything to calm your nerves," the father of one wrote.

“Weee sjawahi cheka hivi budah....ndio ata naona hii page yako mtuangu.....That's proper joke sasa hii inaweza ibwa wachana na hizo zingine unasema zimeibwa. Mtuangu you are hilarious Yani Kama ningekua nakutegemea for content naona ningekua na video chache Sana..... I wish you all the best mtuangu nakufeel from now I'll be careful to use words such as worlcup,make up etc nisi Asante for the laughter....alafu ukipata time tunaweza keti tuongee about content creation and how ideas have no Monopoly and stuff...for now wacha ningoje upost niibe", he added in another post.


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