Njugush opens up about his craziest fan experience

He was the longest two minutes - Njugush.

And Njugush had a rather embarrassing situation after his fan met him on the streets and excitedly pounced on him and they both toppled to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Speaking to pulselive.co.ke about the incident Njugush said “Alinihug tukaanguka tao. Mama alikuwa mkubwa. Nilifikiria tu alikuwa ananihug so alikuja kama anakimbia. Whooo! I thought it was just a hug akaruka! Hee! Tuligonja chini. Pale Reinsurance Plaza. Ilikuwa awkward, lakini tufanye nini na tumeanguka? Kuamka hapo it was the longest two minutes of my life.”

Despite this Njugush believes that his fans are a blessing.“It’s a blessing having those people because there are people in the industry na hawasumbuliwi na wanataka kusumbuliwa. It’s a blessing siichukuliangi vibaya. All you need to know is that the moment you get in front of the camera you sign off your private life.”


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