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Singer who cancelled wedding after busting cheating fiancé takes a celibate path

Sara Nanaa has been depressed ever since she cancelled her wedding last year after discovering her fiancé had sex with another woman at a bachelor’s party. She has now vowed to take a celibate path.


Sometimes in November 2015, singer Sara Nanaa cancelled her wedding after she came across footage of her fiancé eating the forbidden fruit with one of her best friends.

She cancelled her wedding which was underway after her sister showed her pictures, videos and audio recordings of her fiancé and one of her best friends having sex at a bachelor’s party organized by his friends. (Her sister stumbled upon the footage just moments before the wedding).

The Kikaragosi singer has since moved on with her life; but not without adapting radical changes to her life.

Sara Nanaa has since accepted Christ to her life, she now posting inspirational quotes from the Holy book on social media.


“My struggles were unbearable and I knew I had to do something, Decisions had to be made and fast for that matter. All the strategies I sought failed and when I say all I mean ALL. See here is the thing, When God decides to humble you, No matter who you are or know it doesn’t count. You will knock in all the doors of all your “high-end friends, family, clients, and workmates” they WON’T open.” Nanaa posted on Facebook.

She has also vowed to take a celibate path; she says she will only have sex when she gets married.

“One of the major decisions i made during my journey in knowing christ was to live a celibate life until marriage, prayed about it and knew God was in control. Now here is the truth when you pray about an issue, it has to follow with actions and sacrifice on situations that will totally see you not tempted. That is our weakness.”


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