Luo lady embarrasses her boyfriend for having thick hairy private parts

A lady by the name of has left many dying with laughter on social media after she exposed her boyfriend who does not shave his private parts.

According to Milly her boyfriends ‘karura’ is too busy to even hide a rabbit or two in the thick bush. She has tried convincing to shave it for some time now but he keeps declining claiming that he is not comfortable with letting a woman shave him clean.

Apparently after the incident where a woman from Nyeri chopped off her husband’s transformer, he is afraid of suffering the same fate.

However, it is November the month most men avoid shaving their beards, private areas all in the same of ‘No shave November’. But come to think of it men have adopted a new and cleaner lifestyle. According to a survey, 95 percent of young guys now manscape as-in trim, shave, or wax their back, crotch, and butt hair.

In most high class saloons you find many men lining up to get their pubic hairs to be trimmed by their stylists while others get pedicures and manicures. Anyway, the lass wrote to say,


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