No turning back- declares Willy Paul days after steamy performance with Nandy

Has Willy ditched the Gospel fraternity officially?

Singer Willy Paul with Nandy.

Musician Wilson Abubakar Radido popularly known as Willy Paul has declared that he is not turning back any time soon as opposed to calls to change his ways and act like a gospel artiste.

Over the weekend, Willy Paul was in Sumbawanga , Tanzania for the Nandy Festival where he took to social media to affirm that he is going to do what he thinks and feels is right.

“No turning back, I want to see my die-hard supporting this motion.. do what you feel n think is right” wrote Willy Paul

For the past few months, Willy has been under criticism from the Gospel fraternity, with allegations that his deeds don't reflect that of a Gospel artiste.

His statement “No turning back” elicited mixed reactions among his fans with a section asking him to drop the “Gospel artiste” tag so that he can perform freely without being criticized.

Reactions from Fans

“ Just drop the term "Gospel singer ", and just be an entertainer like any other... stop confusing between the two please!!” wrote Phillip Mbithi.

Betty Msoh advised “Secular music is good for you”

Acia said “Your high on money going through shock blinded by fame...i don't blame you but this is the stage in life where your strengths and weaknesses curve themselves are a victim of sudden wealth syndrome”

Linda Belinda said “If ur relying on ya fans to tell u wat fits you,then sorry,all ya fans want is entertainment ,some will tell u secular others gospel according to their tastes,u yaself ur want money n fame,so gone are the days u sang to praise God,so if this season uv chosen to sing for fame n money ,who are we to tell u wat to do,do wat u like or better consult ua God”

King Gibu “Pozzee the day you will recognise that you are not placed at such an influential place for personal gain,you will find a reason to live for The God who put you up there”.

Contrary opinions

Others argued that his previous songs ministered to lot of people and therefore he should not be carried away with fame and money.

King Mativo wrote “I believe your gospel songs ministered to many and even gave hope to the young citizens.I understand you got bills to pay but what happens to the young masses who follow you hoping to get saved one day or even say they listened to your songs and got saved.Anyways to the best bro”.

Muriithi said “Secular fits you well. Usilegeze mwendo”

Frida wanjiku “I think minding one's faith and religion is enough.. Where do people get the energy to impose their beliefs on others? Do what you feel and think is right for you... I agree”

Mwaziaka “Ndugu unapoteea wewe...rudi kwa mola tafadhali acha kufurahisha umati”

“HAPPINESS is a choice ....People's opinion don't really matter” said Erico the Best.


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