Sauti Sol disappointed as Kenyan ladies snub their 50K challenge

Kenyan Boy band express frustration after Kenyan ladies ignored this lucrative challenge

Announcing the challenge on Facebook, the celebrated band asked ladies in the two countries to battle their dance moves out. This followed a declaration by Ugandan singer Bebe Cool that ladies from his country were better dancers compared to Kenyans.

In a move to prove Bebe Cool was wrong, Sauti sol offered the winner of the challenge a whopping Sh50,000.

The ladies were required to dance to their new song Mbozi za Malwa, whose video is yet to be released.

“So Bebe Cool claimed that Ugandan girls are better dancers than Kenyan girls. To prove him wrong, we'd like to announce an online dance contest between Kenyan girls and Ugandan girls to settle this once and for all. The contest will run from April 17th - April 26.

“The ultimate winner/s will be announced by Bebe Cool on April 26th and will get the bragging rights for "The Best Dancer/s in East Africa, a chance to hang out with an artist of their choosing between Sauti Sol and Bebe Cool and take home a whopping $500 in cash,” Sauti Sol stated.

Ugandan ladies have since thronged social media posting their video while twerking to the new jam.

However, Kenyans ladies seemed uninterested in the challenge prompting the band to state: "Kwani madem wakenya wanaficha white ama waliokoka wote? Hehe msiache iende UG, hio doo inaeza lipa msee rent".

Loosely translated as: “Have Kenyan ladies gone underground or they all got saved? Do not let 50K to go to Ugandans that money can pay rent”.

Only a hand full of Kenyan ladies have responded to the band's call.


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