NRG’s Shaq the Yungin reveals why he is no longer in touch with Tanasha Donna

Shaq the Yungin comes clean

NRG’s Shaq the Yungin reveals why he is no longer in touch with Tanasha Donna

NRG Radio's presenter Shaq the Yungin who used to be Tanasha Donna’s best friend has disclosed that they are no longer in touch.

In an interview with Shaffie Weru, Shaq explained that their friendship ended following a few misunderstandings.

Previously Shaq and the NRG crew used to be very close with Ms Donna based on the fact that they worked together at the radio station.

We are no longer Talking

“Me and Tanasha we haven’t spoken in a long time; hope she is doing good… People have fall-outs, sometime they are irreconcilable, but by the way this is the first time I’m talking about me and Tanasha, so no love lost, we are not just fucking (close) we each other.

Sometimes you just have to separate to elevate, you lose some you win some but as long as you are all living good, I wish the best for anybody I left in the past… but I don’t wanna get into what happened but shit happens bro… what happened between me and Tanasha, that’s between me and Tanasha, I met her day one when she came back to Kenya, we have been together for years, we have had fall-outs before and over the years we learn each other, and we keep it personal… people tried to speculate but iliwashinda coz hiyo ni beef yangu na yeye because I don’t need to publicize anything,” Shaq explained.

He also added that he is no longer in touch with Ms Donna’s manager Castro.

“At one time he was managing all of us, but guys I will give you advise do not bring friendship and business together, that’s what ruins things,” said Shaq the Yungin.


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