Larry Madowo's Comment on Kikuyu Women Sparks Controversy

Joke gone wrong?

Madowo who is in Accra, Ghana, attending the  Africa Open Data Conference, took a photo while eating the country's delicacy fufu which was served with chicken stew.

The journalist was intrigued by the fact that the chicken served had a lot of soup which made him lightly remark: "Look at this soup it is as if it was made by a Kikuyu woman".

In a photo he took of the food, the journalist jokingly stated: "I could bathe a grown child in this stew. I was served fufu and chicken in a bucket. There's enough soup here to feed a whole village in Kiambu! #wanderlust #goeverywhere #doeverything #eateverything".

"If you thought Kikuyus cook with too much soup, I give you Ghanaian food. And it's delicious!"

Mr Madowo's comments caused an uproar on social media with a section castigating him for 'attacking' Kikuyu women.

However, some sided with Madowo noting that it was a simple joke taken completely out of context.

There has been a stereotype among Kenyans concerning the cooking skills of the Kikuyu women.

They have been a target of public ridicule for mixing different foods while cooking and also preparing stew with a lot of soup.

This has even prompted advertisers to use the stereotype while making commercials, an easy example in the Airtel machakura ad.


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