NTV news anchor Edmond Nyabola was on Friday night forced to apologize, after he left the studio halfway into the 9PM news bulletin.

In a tweet, Nyabola apologized to his fans and NTV viewers as he assured them that everything was fine.

He went on to say that he handed over the broadcast to his colleague Mark Masai because he had a bad flu and could not continue with the 9PM broadcast.

NTV News anchor Edmond Nyabola forced to apologize after leaving studio halfway the 9PM bulletin

I would like to apologize to you, our dear viewers, for leaving the studio halfway into the broadcast. Everything is alright, I am just down with a bad flu, so I gave a killer pass to brother @MarkMasai. Thank you for your messages of goodwill. Keep watching @ntvkenya,” wrote the news anchor.

During the 9PM bulletin, Edmond Nyabola who had read the news to the 18th minute announced that he was unable to continue presenting the news and his colleague Mark Masai would continue, after the break.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to continue with NTV Weekend tonight so Mark Masai will be coming with the rest of the broadcast,” he announced.

NTV's Edmond Nyabola

His announcement led many of NTV viewers to think something was wrong and that is when they sought answers, to why he had suddenly handed over to Mark Masai.

Isabella Kituri

This comes a few days after K24 TV Swahili News Anchor Isabella Kituri experienced a labour scare as she read the news.

K24 News Anchor experiences Isabella Kituri labour scare on Live TV

Ms Kituri later explained that she only experienced Braxton Hicks a condition pregnant women experience as false labour.

Nkt! This crazy guy called Braxton Hicks....visits pregger mums as a falsified labour agent... @franklinwambugu01was ready to wheelbarrow me out of @k24tv studio... #faithoverfear #makeyourownfun #yummymummies,” she captioned the video.