NTV presenter Miss Katiwa opens up on friendship with late footballer Kevin Oliech

The Katiwa you see now is because of Kevin

NTV presenter Miss Katiwa opens up on friendship with late footballer Kevin Oliech

NTV presenter and radio host Miss Katiwa has opened up on her friendship with late footballer Kevin Oliech who succumbed to cancer while undergoing treatment in Germany.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Ms Katiwa said she wouldn’t be who she is today, were it not for the former Gor Mahia player. She mentioned that they first met through a mutual friend, liked each other and that is how they became friends.

According to the NTV presenter, Kevin who had celebrity friends introduced her to most of his friends but always asked her to pick lessons that would help her get out of the ghetto where she lived.

OPIYOLIZE😭, this the person behind "MISS KATIWA"the Katiwa you see now is cz of kevin, for those who really know me well, mnajua am always speaking highly of this man kevlize, (that's how I used to call him), sa lemme give you a brief history of me and opiyo, I met opiyolize through mutual friend @misstowett and our personalities zikapatana, we started hanging out together and he could even introduce me to big people and akaniambia, am just not introducing you to people, I want you to learn things and be smart enough cz nataka utoke ghetto cz you're too beautiful kuishi mtaa, he also told me that all his friends,3 quarter of them are celebrities and so he wants me to be one, and I laughed hard nikamuuliza sa mm unataka nikue socialite ndo niomoke? Then he told me, "you don't have to do anything stupid ndo uomoke," read part of her post.

Miss Katiwa mentioned that Kevin taught her how to fight for what she wants and was the one that even sent her to Homeboyz radio (where she currently works) to learn a few things about radio.

The TV and radio presenter stated that each time she needed money, the late footballer would have her work at his mothers restaurant and would pay her for the work. He even employed Katiwa’s brother to ensure that they never lacked.

So he came up with an idea, akanishow," since you know kriss darling and you hangout with him a lot, why can't you utelize that as an opportunity by going to the studio (HBR) and learn 2 or 3 things ,instead of just doing nothing, trust me that got me and I didn't waste any time, he pushed me soo hard and taught me to fight for what is mine and never to fear anyone, and even after I made it, everyday he would tell me how proud he was, he would notice my struggles and brokenness nikiwa kibera and trust me when I say that he really came thru for me big time, especially matters food, he would call me anyday to go help him do his accounts pale kwa hoteli yao (mama oliech) just so nipate ya macho,then later on we would go to (abbysinia) kubuy veve yake na atlst agonge his favourite drink "(whitecap),the anipeleke reggae mwitu pale dagoretti and after that I would drive him back home cz he didn't like to drive most of the time, reggae k1weeeeh this man amenionyesha mambo,he gave my brother an opportunity to work for him so that we could not lack anything, opiyo has even made the extend of meeting my family (cousins pic 2) in Germany cz alikua anaboeka and he wanted pple that would make him feel like he was home🥺,he really wanted me to get married to a descent man and he was ready kushona suti(Luivuitton) for my wedding and he just missed that 😰😢, R.I.P lizee❤" narrated Miss Katiwa.


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