They threatened to burn me with acid- NTV presenter reveals

She is really beautiful and someone was willing to hurt her for that…

Ntv Kenya

It’s no secret that Tracy Wanjiru of Teen Republik is a beautiful girl. The fact that she has a great down-to-earth personality makes it even better.

Qualities which made her a target for bullies who wanted to cut her down a notch or two. When she was in Loreto Kiambu High School, Tracy Wanjiru revealed that people often came at her for talking ‘sheng’ as she was a pointee and talking ‘sheng’ was considered ‘too ghetto’

“ If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture after the Timaya concert(which I MC’d) saying how I used to get bullied when I was younger because I was a tomboy, I spoke a lot of sheng’ and some people thought I didn’t behave how I looked which is actually an insult coming to think of it now. In my first year of High School, I remember people threatening to pour acid on my face, saying I looked like a frog, others saying I am recruiting guys into some demonic stuff… There was a lot that was said.”  She disclosed.

She finally moved schools and was able to settle well but the pressure was not gone. This is because she felt that she needed to fit in with her richer friends and often  looked down upon herself and feel ashamed of here she lived.

So she would lie about it and say she lived in an affluent area. Things were so bad that at some point she felt that all she could to was work as a waitress or passing brochures in town. At that point, she was so down that she didn’t think she would amount to much but God had other plans. And right now she is one of the most sought after TV girl in Kenya.


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