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Man invents steel underwear to protect Nyeri men (Photos)

Its quite an interesting item...

Bloody knife

The report revealed that men from the Western, Nairobi and Nyanza regions were the most terrorised with many respondents revealing that the men in these sections of the country have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse from their spouses.

Despite the favourable report, men from Nyeri County have continued to lose their transformers and not even a song about the advantages of ‘Miti’ from STL and Njeri could save the endangered species from their angry and cruel wives.

So a trader in Koinange Street called Barre Apiyo has decided to cash in on men’s fear of losing their manhood. And this is through a thong-like contraption that has a padlock to protect the family jewels.


Speaking on K24, he revealed the idea behind this clever invention.

“When I saw what was happening in Nyeri; that is men getting their private parts cut off , I decided to put these underwears on display now Kenyan men can at least protect their genitals.” He said.

He went on to add that the undergarments which go for 1200 Kshs are now in high demand. “People like it and many men want to buy it to use it in their houses.”


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