“I am surprised Jeff Koinange could afford to laugh”

Jeff Koinainge has come under sharp criticism from vexed women who claimed he cheered on Miguna Miguna when he stripped Esther Passaris.


Wednesday night witnessed yet another drama at Jeff Koinange Live as Nairobi gubernatorial aspirants, Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris, tore into each other.

Miguna sparked a storm when he told his competitor to her face that she was too beautiful everyone wanted to rape her.

While most of people were condemning Miguna Miguna over his offensive remarks, Nyota Ndogo has come forth to claim Jeff Koinange is equally to blame.

Speaking to the Star, ‘Watu na Viatu’ singer said she was utterly shocked to see Jeff Koinange laugh when Miguna was stripping Esther Passaris.

“Miguna Miguna jana ameongea, ameongea karibu mara tatu na kitu ambacho amekiongea mimi sikukipenda na najua kila mwanamke hajakipenda, amesema kwamba Esther Passaris ni mwanamke mrembo amabaye kila mwanaume anaweza kumrape, Esther Passaris ni mwanamke mrembo ambaye kila mwanaume anaweza kumnajisi, kumrape. Alafu nashangaa Jeff Koinange anacheka. Mhh! Unacheka ule ukweli! Unacheka! Kitu kama hiki unacheka? Mimi naweza kusema kwamba naona kwamba kuna wengi wamenirushia mawe kupitia mtandao lakini ukweli ni kwambo kila mwanamke anataka kusifiwa kwa uzuri. Nina uhakika mahali Esther Passaris amelala hana raha. Lakini kama mwanaume, kila mwanamke anafurahi akiambiwa mazuri.” Nyota Ndogo told the Star.


“Yesterday Miguna Miguna spoke at least three times and I don’t like what he said, and I know every woman doesn’t either. He said Esther Passaris was a beautiful woman whom every man could rape. And to my surprise Jeff Koinange laughed. You are laughing at something sensitive like this? I can say that I have been trolled on the internet but the truth is that every woman loves to be praised. I am sure Esther Passaris didn’t sleep in peace. Men should know every woman feels happy when they are pampered.”

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