I don’t regret being a thief - Octopizzo opens up

I never regret being part of that - Octo confessed.

As we all know the streets are not very gentle and one is sometimes forced to engage in some unsavoury activities to make ends meet and for Octo, thieving was his vice. He robbed shops and people but he says that he has no regrets about his life of crime.“ I never regret being part of that, I never killed anybody.” Octo told AFP.

Octo admitted that if it was not the hard knock life of Kibera he wouldn’t be Octo we know today.

“I feel like if I wasn’t born here I would probably not be a rapper, I would be something else.” He told Al-Jazeera.

And the reason he is pursuing his rap career so relentlessly is that he wants to give hope to those kids in Kibera and other slums. “I want to be the face of possibility because when you grow here you are told that you will never be anything. You are told this by your teacher in school, you are probably told this by your dad at home and most of the time it starts hitting you and you realize, ‘oh I will never be anything anyway.’ ”


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