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Octopizzo responds to claims of buying YouTube views

He has addressed the elephant in the room.

And this makes him a certified YouTube superstar by Kenyan standards.

But netizens and tech pundits believe that the views are doctored for a myriad of reasons, the video didn’t make it to the top of the trending list and the stagnation of views after it hit around 1.4 Million. The low number of likes, dislikes and comments on the video further poked holes into his viral success. Others said that the views were not real based on the number of subscribers to his channel, although this theory can be tossed out as subscribing is not really a big thing in Kenya, people just tend to watch and leave.

As the controversy and conspiracy theories rage on, Octopizzo has been silent about the whole issue preferring to promote his song instead and interact with fans.


However, today, he responded to the controversy surrounding the song, albeit in a brief way.

mwendi_bough_chaff wrote “Kuna wnye wanadai tumebuy likes youtube...c pia hao waende dukani wanunue...Oliel nh noma..” a comment Octopizzo replied with a laughing emoji . Maybe because as he considers the speculations laughable or the comment was funny.


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