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8 things you need to know about the hot video vixen in Willy Paul’s ‘Malingo’ (Photos)

She is also the leading lady in Rayvanny’s video ‘Kwetu’

A song that became a hot topic not only because it sounded like a secular song but because of the leading lady who was gorgeous beyond words. Well, we did a little digging and found a few facts about the damsel in the video.

1. Her name is Irene but the Bongo Music world knows her as Official Lyyn  a name coined from her handle on the social media site.

2. Lyyn is the leading lady in Rayvanny’s video ‘Kwetu’, and she also makes an appearance in ‘Natafuta Kiki’. And although she has only done less than 5 videos, she is rated as one of the top video vixens in East Africa.


3. She met Rayvanny after he DMd her on Instagram and invited her to star in the ‘Kwetu’ video. At first she was hesitant as she thought it was just Rayvanny’s ploy to go out on a date with her but when he insisted he was serious, she responded and met him after 3 days. And for ‘Kwetu’, her first video, she was paid about a million Tzshs. At around the time ‘Kwetu’ wa being prepared for release, Abdu Kiba also approached her for a video but she declined because ‘Kwetu’ was still in the works.

4.Lyyn was the number one choice for Willy Paul when he decided to break into the Tanzanian market. “Niliamua kumtumia binti wa Tanzania for the market sababu ile market tulikuwa tunatafuta ilikuwa Tanzania.” He told Bongo 5. Lynn was also appealing in that she possessed qualities Willy Paul couldn’t find in a Kenyan chic. Lynn, however, was not the only Tanzanian on the set of ‘Malingo’ Willy Paul also employed the talents of Tanzanian video director Hanscana and his assistant.

5.She always knew that she would be famous one way or another and the fame that she got from ‘Kwetu’ didn't come as a surprise . ‘I always knew I would be famous.’ She said in a video with Dizzim Online.

6. Lynn once attracted the wrath of Zari’s fanatics due to her fixation with Diamond Platnumz. Fans warned her against getting close to the star after she started sharing photos of Zari’s boyfriend at that time. She denied dating the star saying that she is just a fan and Diamond also denied dating her.“Sio kweli, wanahisi hivyo kwasababu ni binti mzuri, wanaamini kwamba kwasababu ni binti mzuri naweza kufanya chochote, kwasababu naonekana kuwa ni maarufu na nina uwezo, Raymond ndio msanii wetu so labda ningeonekana kuwa naweza kuchukua majukumu hayo,” Diamond told Fahamu TV.


7. Lyyn was recently pregnant and fans claimed that the child was Diamond’s but unfortunately she lost her baby. She also disclosed that the baby belonged to her boyfriend at that time and not the ‘Eneka’ singer.

8. Though many people suspect that Lynn would only date a rich man, the star disclosed that although she enjoys a lavish lifestyle, having lots of money is not one of the qualities she looks for in a man. For Lyyn intelligence is a very important factor and also someone who is able to love her genuinely.


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